A Message From Leadership


Readiness to Serve Others

Progress House, Inc. has been around for many of us. We have all seen it go through various changes throughout the years . One thing that has never changed for me is my overwhelming gratitude for the people back in my early beginnings that made the difference in helping me set the foundation for a life worth living. I am here to help make sure the legacy lives on and this organization is here many years from now helping people. To help an individual is a mighty fine act of service but to help sustain an organization that has the potential to help thousands, now that is really something. In my home we have a saying, " If it's convenient, it's not service". Please come join in and help make a difference.

Cindy Carlson

Executive Director

...our Society has concluded that it has but one high mission - to carry the A.A. Message to those who don’t know there’s a way out.

- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, pg. 151

Our Board of Directors

  • President - Shannon Durst
  • Vice President - Open
  • Secretary - Ken Torkelson
  • Treasurer - Open
  • Member at Large - Merethe Dyer
  • Member at Large - Josh Clark

If you're interested in joining a committee (e.g., Finance, Donations, Programs, etc.) or becoming a board member, contact Shannon Durst, the Board President at sdurst@progresshouseinc.org.

Progress House Needs You!

Financial Gifts

Now, more than ever, we need support from community members like you to continue providing services for those seeking recovering in our region. Your one-time or ongoing support allows us to continue to provide our critical services and to provide the items that our clients so desperately need such as blankets, nutritious meals, clean clothing, and more. Moreover, we're constantly working to improve our facilities and maintain the grounds.

Time and Talents

Have a heart for service to helping others. We have volunteer opportunities at our facilities - whether childcare or grounds maintenance, do you have a heart for Progress House?

Do you have a desire to help others in recovery, hands-on? Check out our careers page - you can earn as you learn and become a substance abuse counselor with our paid internship program!

Donations of Items/Materials

Please note that NONE of our locations are accepting drop off donations without prior review and needs assessment. Board member, Merethe Dyer coordinates donations and pick up of items. If you want to donate an item please contact Merethe at merethedyer@gmail.com.

We have partnered with Vehicle Donations for Charity and their link is on our front page bottom just in case you're interested in donating a vehicle, please go thru them with your donation. https://vehiclesforcharity.org/Donate/PGHO.html


Cindy Carlson

Executive Director


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